Professor Chris Rumford

Founding member and Professor in the Department of Politics and International Relations (2004-2016)

Our thoughts are with the family, friends, colleagues, here at Royal Holloway and across the world, following the death of Professor Chris Rumford.

Professor Rumford was a founding member of the Department of Politics and International Relations and an international figure in Global Studies. He established the Centre for Global and Transnational Politics at Royal Holloway with Professor Sandra Halperin.

Over the past twelve years his dedicated contribution to the Department’s culture of active research, through his tremendous intellectual energy, wide array of professional activities, and dedication to his students has been incalculable.

His work on the dynamics of borders in a globalising world, and cosmopolitanism as a politics of space broadened the debate on Europeanisation by placing it within the context both of globalisation, and the transformation of modernity. His writings continually pushed at the boundaries of global studies. For instance, probing the global condition of strangeness and its meaning for the development of solidarity both within, and across societies.

Among the broad range of professional activities in which he was continually engaged, he revitalised the Global Studies Association, edited numerous special journal issues, organised countless workshops and seminars, and was co-editor of the Routledge book series on Global and Transnational Studies.

Chris had a great love of cricket which he wove in to his research. He also had a passion for PhD supervision, creating a new generation of scholars in Global Studies.

Chris made an enormous contribution to the Department of Politics and International Relations, Royal Holloway and the wider academic community. His sense of humour and passion for life touched everyone he met, and he will be very sorely missed by all those who worked and studied with him.