Glanty House

19 July 2017

Carry on Glanty

By Development and Alumni Relations Team

Those alumni who were students at Royal Holloway College in the late sixties who remember Glanty House are invited to share their memories with joint authors David Sharpe and Brian Lupton. Their aim is to produce a definitive history covering those eventful three years in the history of the College.

Contributions should be sent to – GlantyHouse


Some memories of Glanty, from Brian Lupton (Mathematics, 1969)
It is difficult for anyone to envisage how different life at the College was then. Founder’s was a strictly ladies only hall of residence, men were to be out of the building (including the library) by 10.30pm at night. Kingswood was opened for the first intake of men in 65 and the extension was not quite ready for the next intake (i.e. Our year) so some were put in approved lodgings in the surrounding area and 19 undergrads were sent to Glanty under a warden, a lecturer in the Physics department, and his deputy, a post grad student who later became President of the Union.

In the second year, we held our own formal dinner just before Christmas because too few at Kingswood had expressed an interest in attending a dinner in their own hall.  It was not an easy thing to arrange, our kitchen had about 10 gas rings and no oven yet a traditional Christmas dinner was served, having been cooked in the ovens at Founder’s. The guest of honour was the Principal (then Miss EM Williamson) who said that it was the best dinner party she had enjoyed for years. As a result I was her guest at the Second Year Formal Dinner held in Founder’s the next term.

In our third year we held our own “rag-ents” which included a choir singing Scarborough Fair under the direction of one of our talented musicians.

Another sketch was a spoof on University Challenge.  This was held in the old Union building just east of Founder’s.