16 March 2017

Alumnus selected to participate in the International Young Composers Meeting

By Development and Alumni Relations Team

Alumnus Vasileios Filippou has been selected to participate at the International Young Composers Meeting of 2017. We spoke to him about the Meeting, his music and what he has done since graduating in 2014.

Vasileios: ‘I am currently doing a masters degree at the Koninklijke Conservatorium Den Haag, with composer Yannis Kyriakides. My research is based on the rich tradition of Ottoman Classical music (A hybrid of various modal music traditions that have thrived in Anatolia) and how that can inform my compositional practice. All my recent works have to do about that with one way or another. For example Pédales étude makes use of rhythmical elements and Anemos also melodic and stylistic elements.’

Being selected to participate at the YCM and having the opportunity to write a piece for Orkest de ereprijs, came at the right time while I was making sketches for a possible piece for ensemble! This particular ensemble doesn’t follow a common instrumentation; with 5 voices alongside electric and bass guitar, piano, flute,  clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, horn, tuba and percussion. That makes it very unique and challenging for me to approach and I am planning to incorporate elements from Ottoman music as my basic tools (modes, rhythms, ornamentation). The programme during the week of 12-17 of February consists of lessons, workshops, discussions, lectures and daily rehearsals of the participants compositions with the senior composers (Martijn Padding, Richard Ayres, Joe Cutler, Mayke Nas and Christopher Trapani). The meeting is all about the whole experience of being a composer, getting to write for and rehearse with a great ensemble while having feedback from other composers and also being in a collaborative environment with both composers and performers. I feel really happy to be able to participate in this meeting and I look forward composing for the ensemble!

Find out more about Vasileios’ work on his website: and listen to his compositions on his soundcloud: